May 2018

April showers bring May flowers – how we are looking forward to those sunny May days after busy season!

A BIG thank you to all of you for your hard work and dedication during busy season!


  • Dates
    • Staff 1 & 2 – June 18th
    • Senior 1 & 2 – June 19th
    • Manager 1 & 2 – June 15th
    • Senior Manager – May 16th
  • Proposal Process
    • Mentor/Mentee submit proposal to Director of Operations 2 weeks prior to ARC meeting.
    • Director of Operations to provide list of promotion proposals and access to proposals to ARC committee 7 days prior to ARC meeting.
    • This is for preparation for ARC meeting only.
    • ARC committee members should not have pre-meetings to discuss proposals.  All discussion should happen in the ARC meeting only.
    • ARC committee will review promotions during ARC meeting.  Management Committee will do a final review of ARC results, including promotions.
    • Once ARC process is complete, promotion decisions will be communicated to mentee.
  • Several reviews have been scheduled already, if you need assistance in scheduling reviews please let me know and I am happy to assist.

2018 CPA License Renewals

  • June 30th is coming quickly.  Look over your CPE Status reports to ensure you have the credits you need before June 30th.
  • CPE needs to be submitted by no later than June 1, 2018 so reports can be generated before the deadline. If you need extra time, please contact me ASAP so arrangement can be made.
  • If you submit after June 15, 2018 without discussion, you may need to complete the renewal on your own.
  • Don’t forget that your checkpoint subscription allows you to watch Checkpoint webinars.  There are a lot of great ones coming up.  Check them out here   Talk to your mentors and mentees about which ones might may sense for you.

If you are not renewing, please remember there are yearly minimum requirements for CPE that must be met, now is a great time to double check your status report to ensure you’ve met those requirements.

CPA Exam Scheduling

You made it through busy season.  Now time to start thinking about the CPA exam again.  It helps to get the exams scheduled ahead of time for scheduling and exam preparation purposes.  As you are scheduling your exams, please keep these things in mind.

Just a few reminders about CPA Exam Scheduling:

  • Please look at ProStaff before scheduling your exams.  Client work has to take the priority.
  • Fridays and weekends are the best options.
  • Exam time off should be requested in ProStaff as a Schedule Request (similar to PTO)
  • Team members will be paid once for time taken off to sit for each section of the exam (4 hours).  Time should be coded to 91070.  PTO should be used for retaking a section.

The CPA Exam program with all the details is located on the intranet on the HR tab.   Let me know if you have any questions.

Busy Season Floating Holiday

You’ve worked hard and have a floating holiday you can use between April 18th and May 31st.  Remember to schedule your day off using the same process as PTO requests to get your holiday approved.  Let HR know if you have any questions.

Staff / Seniors

  • Looking for work?  Here are some things to think about if you have down time:
    • Walk around and chat with partners and managers to see if you can help
    • Send an email letting people know you are available
    • Make sure ProStaff accurately reflects your availability
    • Help get budgets into ProStaff – See Tricia to learn more
    • Complete CPE courses that will help prepare you for upcoming work.  Checkout Checkpoint Learning to find webinars and self-study courses that make sense for you.
    • If you haven’t finished the exam and you have done everything above, then you can study at your desk.


  • If you have client work >10 hours for April – October, we are scheduling now.  We have a team of people that can help you get your jobs into ProStaff along with budgets if appropriate.  See Tricia with any questions.
  • Scheduling for spring and summer is in process.  We’ll be working through the conflicts and shuffling work around as things are finalized.  If you have questions about your schedule, please see Tricia.


Thank you for participating in the J&R Busy Season Survey and the Oregonian Top Workplaces Survey via Energage.  We are excited to hear your feedback and see how we do with the Top Workplaces in Oregon survey. We may have some follow-up sessions to dig a little deeper into your ideas and thoughts.  As always, if you would like to talk about your ideas or concerns, start with your mentor or a partner.


  • Remember to notify IT via whenever you have an IT blip or concern.  If you are having a problem, it’s likely others are too.  IT can troubleshoot the problem best when it happens.

Assurance Training

  • Assurance Level 1 – 4 trainings have been scheduled.  These are required trainings.  If you have a conflict, please see Sara Hummel as soon as possible.

Training Dates:

Level 1                  May 3, 7 & 8

Level 2                  May 21 & 22

Level 3                  June 6 & 7

Level 4                  June 21 & 22

Time Entry

  • Please make sure you continue to enter your time daily.  We will continue with frequent billings going forward.

Work at Home Guidelines – Reminders

  • Staff/senior – work at home must be approved in advance.  For ongoing work at home arrangements, we need to have a more formal agreement in place.  Please note that unless a formal agreement is in place, it is expected you will be working in the office.  Approval for a special circumstance only covers that situation.  Talk to HR or your mentor if you would like a more formal arrangement.
  • Things to consider:
    • Type of work
    • Supervision needed
    • Experience at J&R and with our software
    • Demonstrated ability to work independently
    • Talk with HR, Tricia or Mentor

Open Positions

We have the following open positions.  If you know of someone that might be a good fit with the firm, reach out! They are posted at

  • Accounting & Payroll Consultant – Eugene is looking for an experienced payroll and bookkeeping consultant with 5 plus years of accounting experience and 3 plus years of payroll processing and reporting experience.
  • Audit Manager/Senior – CPA – Eugene is looking for experienced CPAs with 4-8 years’ experience (assurance). Reach out to your friends from school to see if anyone is interested in joining you at J&R

Don’t forget about the referral bonus if you bring candidates to the firm! The firm is willing to pay you a large referral bonus if you help us identify possible candidates that lead to filling this position.

Position Office Bonus – Contact Candidate Bonus – Share Name
Manager – assurance or tax experience Eugene $8,000 $4,000
  • Contact Candidate: Referral bonus for employees that talk to the qualified candidate and get the candidate to call us and complete our online application (, click Join Us, search for posting and complete application, upload resume and cover letter). The referral bonus becomes payable if the candidate fills the position.
  • Share Name: Referral bonus for employees that give Tricia a name of a qualified candidate, if that candidate is ultimately hired.
    Referral bonuses will be paid on the paycheck subsequent to the successful candidate’s first day of work at J&R.

Client Recruiting

We can help clients recruit for accounting, finance and executive positions.  These positions are posted at

  • Accountant – Full Cycle – R &R King
  • Controller – NPO Organization