The healthcare team rocked the Oregon Medical Managers Conference in September. The conference brings practice managers from all over Oregon to network, check out vendors, do their CPE, and party a bit! The conference was held September 19 -21 at the Red Lion at Jantzen Beach in Portland.

The Jones & Roth team included Nicole McOmber, Elliott Tracy, Brian Newton, and Robert Adrian. “It is always fun to attend the OMGMA Conference and connect with our healthcare clients, chat with other service providers, and meet new practice managers. The conference provides an opportunity to share our financial management expertise and stay tuned to the rapidly changing dynamics of practice management,” said Elliott Tracy, CPA.

Featured Presenters

Nicole and Elliott were featured presenters at the conference. The duo presented the topic Optimize your Revenue Cycle and Cash Flow in a well attended educational session.

Survey Results

Throughout the conference, we asked practice managers to respond to a simple question, What was your biggest success or accomplishment in 2018? The responses and corresponding conversations were amazing. Responses spanned a wide range of both personal and professional accomplishments. High on the list from a professional perspective were transitioning to a new role, recruiting and onboarding new staff, a career development or training initiative, a technology or new equipment implementation. Many referenced a victory in their personal life including taking additional personal or family time and reaching a personal financial goal.

Congrats to the healthcare team for a terrific conference.